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The Wedding of Jiali and Vishal

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One of the most difficult things for a wedding photographer blogger is sorting out photos that tell a complete, detailed story of the event. For the wedding of Jiali and Vishal, this has been the toughest to retell. There was not one second of that day that wasn’t worthy of remembering. Although I think I did a pretty good job already though had you been at this wedding, you would know this photo post did not do this wedding justice. There was simply not enough bandwidth for me to show you all the photographs here in one post and share more of the excitement from this wedding. From the time the groom and his boys picked up the bride from her residence, to the ceremony and then reception, all day (and night) just kept the festivities alive with one surprise after another. Just to name a few, the heartfelt vows that they wrote to each other, the dance routine performed by the groomsmen and the groom’s father, and the best man and the maid of honor speech, is enough to make your heart melt. Love was so evident in that wedding and undeniably the thing that made everything so wonderful and memorable .

Let’s start of with some of the “must have” elements in a wedding. Such as the shoes and the ring.
Which was, by the way, one of the first things I ask for when I arrived to shoot.

I love this bird cage candle holder. And look, there’s Jiali’s ring.

In a few hours, Jiali’s father will be giving her away in this dress that she’s holding.

Let the transformation begin! First, the hair…

Then the bride’s makeup…

And…eyes, cheeks, and lips.

Her apartment has such great lighting. Everything just comes out so naturally beautiful.

While she’s finishing up with her dress and makeup, her family along with the bridesmaids arrived.

Her brother.

Younger sisters.

Jiali’s bridesmaid, Jun. I asked her to stand by the window and took this shot of her.

And here’s Nicole, Ana, and Lina, the rest of Jiali’s bridesmaids.

One last final check before the groom and his boys arrive.

See what they have in store for the groom’s party, things they must do in order for them to see the bride.
Lets see, lipstick…check! chili pepper…check!, list of yoga positions…check!

Some final details of her dress.

Isn’t she just beautiful?.. so poised and simply elegant.

Ah, here they are, I ask Vishal whether he’s ready to “tackle” the door opening ceremony.
He said "what do you think…so what I got here?"
Yes, he is prepared.

They are ready.
Vishal is debating whether he should just use his key instead.

Apparently, the bridesmaids want more than just the traditional red envelope.

Watches…gone. Cell phones…gone. Finally, Vishal played his final card. The money stuffed red envelope. And they’re in!

But their test has just begun. Remember that plate of treats you saw in the photo earlier? They have to eat it now.
The plate is called the flavors of life.

Lina thought the whole thing was too funny. Tell that to the groomsman who just ate the chili pepper.

Now they will need to become the Spice Girls and sing one of their songs. Jun had already prepare all the lyrics that they need.
JUN: -Tell me what you want what you really really want….

I think this was the hardest task I’ve seen any groom and his boys try to do.

Check this out. Group Yoga.

And he is done.

In the mean time, Jiali was all ready in the bedroom just waiting for her soon to be husband to sweep her off her feet.

And no, he couldn’t wait.

Off to Brooklyn Botanic Garden… I got this shot while everyone was heading out. They are such a good-looking couple.

Lets start off with shots of the bridal party.

Because… "girls just wanna have fun"

I really like this reflection shot from the pond.

And the groomsmen. They’re having so much fun, can’t even concentrate on looking at the camera.

Can’t call it a day without some portraits of the couple. They made a pair of "Mr and Mrs" sign for this shoot which I though was really cute.
They really thought of everything. I wish I could take credit for their great idea!

She wanted pictures by the willow tree…and I can see why.

She brought parasols, and more PARASOLS. What hasn’t this girl thought of? So elegant and playful.

Their officiant suggested they get all the paperwork taken care of before the ceremony. They said they couldn’t wait.

Through the wine glass. Practicing their dance routine one last time.

Off to the ceremony.

Very sweet. Jiali and her father rolled in on a petty cab and into the garden. Best idea I’ve seen so far at a wedding ceremony.

I can see how walking your daughter down the aisle is the best experience a father can have.

Like everyone else said, there wasn’t a dry eye through out the entire ceremony.

Everyone got very emotional when Jiali and Vishal were exchanging their vows. Yes everyone …including me.

And they’re off.

Back to the Palm House. Let the party begin!

First dance.

A wedding cannot be complete without the bouquet toss.
And guess who caught it?!!

The cake cutting, as well. Can’t have a wedding without it.

What would he do without her?

She presented her husband with this wonderful traditional Indian dance routine. Which caught everyone by surprise.
What a beautiful dance!
One of the highlights of the night.

LET’S PARTY AND GO CRAZY! This is probably the part where most of the guests would say:
"I don’t remember doing this at all but I’m glad I have the pictures to remind me.

Surprised? I didn’t retouch the words in there. Like I said, they thought of everything.
They want to thank everyone for being apart of their joyous celebration.
And I hope you all enjoyed looking at these photos.

If you want to see more, check out their Sunrise Engagement Session at the Brooklyn Bridge.


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