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Amy & Kurt Li’s Whimsical Wedding

Post by fotolistic on March 18th, 2010   In Category : Photography, Weddings   

What’s black, white and red all over? How about a classy, romantic, and spirited wedding celebration featuring Amy and Kurt? Their reception was held at the lovely Chateau Briand complete with a beautiful courtyard and a gorgeously decorated dinner and dance hall. The artsy, crafty bride had made the room sparkle and dazzle with her unique centerpiece designs, even the party favor crystal trees were delicately handcrafted by Amy and friends. It was such a memorably happening party from beginning to end. While editing these photos, I started laughing just thinking about the crazy antics of that night orchestrated by the emcee and his entertainment crew. The entrance dance started with doors bursting open and the sunglass-clad wedding party dancing to the beat of Chris Brown’s song "Forever", the lively and whimsical newlywed questionaire game, and the singing, and the food, and you know what? It was just plain, good fun! Amy and Kurt are such free spirited characters, it wasn’t difficult to capture their chemistry and humor. If all the weddings I attend is always this much fun, I can honestly say that I’ll shoot ‘em all for free.

Enjoy the photos now!


Some details of the party hall and the decor. Great taste!

One of the best entrance and couples’ first dances I’ve seen. Such great foot work.
If they told me they are not dancers, I’m not believing them.

Some of the friends serenaded Amy and Kurt with a couple of love songs.

The newlywed game: Who said "I LOVE YOU" first? and "Whose the biggest spender?"

Get down, Get down…

Ah… Ah


A..K…We all know whose initials these are but did you know Amy made that herself? So nice.

One for you… One for me.

"There’s too much love on your face, honey…"

A father and daughter’s dance. I don’t know why but I get very emotional when I look at these photos.
Alright I do know why, because it is too sweet.

And the mom and son’s dance.

Who wants this?

Kurt knew exactly what he was doing and he still took his time with the garter belt.


Rock Out Annie Plus Portraits

Post by Ginger Girl on March 12th, 2010   In Category : Photography   

After returning from Amy and Kurt’s wedding reception last Sunday, I felt a sudden inspiration to pick up my new guitar (a present from Hoyu for Christmas) and cranked out a few covers, "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Old McDonald Had a Farm." It might hit Pre-K’s Top 10 though not likely that I’d receive a cult following from anyone beyond age 5. Hoyu went a little berserk photoshopping all kinds of texture onto these photos; though creating some pretty interesting images, as a result. The true artist here made the faux musician look real.

All photographs by Hoyu Yiu in RAW format with a Canon 5D / 50mm 1.4 Lens at ISO 400.
Post-processed with Aperture 3.0 and Photoshop CS4.

And here are all the originals straight out of the camera.


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