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How to get “this” to look like “this”…

Post by fotolistic on August 26th, 2008   In Category : Photography   

Since posting, “Vintage and Rustic Photo Effect Experiment“, everyone has been asking, “How’d you get it to look like that?” To tell you the truth, I don’t really remember. So I started from stratch and reprocessed the original photo. Here’s a quick recipe for creating this "worn-out canvas" effect. (NOTE: For all the non Photo-choppers out there, this is nothing more than just geeky Photoshop jargon. But if you are a self-proclaimed Photoshop geek like me, let me know if there’s anything you need further explanation on.)

Updates (12/05/08):
Many people have asked about my library of texture-images that I’ve used to overlay on my photographs to create the quality and effects mentioned in this post. Due to popular demand, I’ve create a new post call “There’s a texture for every mood…” where you can download some of my most use texture-image to create your own vintage photos with.

Hope you find them useful.

So, how do we get from this…


to this?

Canon Camera Raw
Processed using Aperture
Imported to Photoshop for further editing
  • 21mm
  • F 6.3
  • 1/125 Sec
  • ISO 200
  • Auto WB
    • Camera Raw Fine Tuning
    • Straightening
    • White Balance
    • Increase Exposure/Black Point/Brightness
    • Enhanced Contrast/Saturation
    • Lightened Mid-tone Level
    • Recovered Highlight Value
    • Vignette Edges and Corners

    (See screen shot of the
    Aperture adjustment


    To create that short depth-of-field, out of focus look, apply a Lens Blur filter onto a newly duplicated layer. Next, mask out the center of the image using a layer mask. The resulting effect leaves the surrounding image area slightly blurred.

    Photoshop editing continues…

    To create a film-like quality to the photo, apply the Add Noise filter onto a new layer. This’ll give the look of graininess, an aesthetic quality typically associated with film. Next, use a layer mask, once again, to mask out the center of the photo. I do this to avoid getting too much grain onto the face area. Set the layer to 15% transparency and layer blending as Multiply.


    After that, a second image is applied onto the main image. This is image is taken from my own stock collection of photographed texures. I call this one, The Rag, for its crosshatching pattern. This layer was set to 25% transparency and layer blending to Screen.


    When a traditional photograph is exposed to prolonged sunlight, it loses its red pigment, causing the image to fade. To achieve that same effect for a digital photo, apply a Color Balance Adjustment Layer between the Grain layer and the Lens Blur layer. I’m not sure how successful I was in duplicating that classic sun-faded look, however, the colors turned out quite interesting, so I kept it.

    (See screen shot of the
    Color Balance Value

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    Coming Soon. yiuphotography.com

    Post by fotolistic on August 25th, 2008   In Category : Design   
    Main logo for yiuphotography.com

    Main logo for yiuphotography.com

    Currently working on another website for myself. I know I know… another website. I can’t help it. I’m a design junkie. I need my web design fixing. But you know how designers are, once we have an idea, we just want to realize it on paper. Well in this case, the web.

    This will be a more professional website dedicated for photography. It consist mainly slideshows of my photographs. Along with a few simple pages for contact and other informations. Nothing fancy. But this will be my online calling card for future photography work.

    This image here will be the logo for the site. What do you think, like it? hate it? The chinese character is actually my last name. It is pronounced “IOU”. Like “you”. Anyway, I’m planning to design this website around this logo. Since, I’m still developing the structure of this site, it will be another week or 2 before it will be up online.

    Meanwhile, stay tuned and I will do another announcement when it is up. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Good or bad.


    I’m not special… Or am I?

    Post by fotolistic on August 19th, 2008   In Category : Humor, Other   

    I ran a search of my name on Facebook.
    A list of names came up but my own.

    This could mean 2 things.
    Either my name is not as unique as i though it would be.
    Or there’s a group of wanabes out there that wants to get in on the soon-to-be most popular name on the internet. For whatever reason. Damn groupies. Gotta go and trade mark my name now.

    Those who share my name

    Those who share my name


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